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xstatic batcap

What is a Batcap?T

      A conventional lithium battery, such as a car audio battery, as we all know, has a positive and negative terminal. The chemical reaction within creates a flow of electrons, causing an electronic device (in this case an amplifier) to work.

     The XSTATIC BATCAP is simply a car audio battery that can be discharged just as quickly as a capacitor. Therefore you have a constant supply of electrons that will discharge at lightning speed! This puts less strain on your stock alternator and lithium battery. It also recharges faster than a conventional car audio battery since the internal resistance is so low.

      I'm sure anyone can find a place to put the 3 lb Model 300 or the larger 5 lb Model 400. Don't let the size fool you! These Batcaps can crank start your car!

      The stiffening capacitor is similar to a car audio battery in that it stores a charge. The fundamental difference is it cannot create electrons. It can only store and supply (discharge) them upon demand. The advantage with a capacitor is that it discharges in 20 thousandths of a second unlike a battery that does it in 1 full second. The lithium battery therefore cannot discharge fast enough to effectively supply the amplifier and this is the reason for "power sags."