xstatic batcap


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  • Batcaps are the fastest batteries in the world
  • You get the energy of a battery with the speed of a capacitor
  • Prevents voltage drop - No more power sags
  • Batcaps are in the world's loudest cars!
  • You no longer need a 30 lb battery along with a cap. Replace it with a 5 lb Batcap.
  • Batcaps take a strain off the entire electrical system. Even your car battery will last longer.
  • The 300 Batcap is equivalent to 100 (1)farad caps it handles 500-700 watts for maximum performance.
  • The 400 Batcap is the equivalent to 200 (1)farad caps. It handles 1,000-1,300 watts for maximum performance.
  • Batcaps recharge faster than a conventional battery due to low internal resistance.
  • They are small in size and extremely light weight.
  • They are very easy to install.
  • Batcaps allow the amplifier to produce stronger, cleaner sound!